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Text-based for Maximum, Always- On Reliability

Text messaging is often the fastest and most reliable way to get messages to your remote personnel, even during emergencies and disasters when voice and even data/internet channels are unavailable.

Instant Deployment, Scalability on Demand

Sign up, add your users, create your groups. Your urgentext network is up and running in minutes. Access urgentext via any web browser, smartphone or tablet. The system is always ready for use and scales instantly and automatically when needed.

Real Time, Two Way Group Messaging

Instantly send texts and emails to entire groups of personnel in the field, or to individual users. Responses (both email and text) appear in real time as a threaded conversation.

Any Device, Any Network, Across the Globe

Stay in contact with remote personnel regardless of which mobile device or cell carrier they use. urgentext is even compatible with most satellite phone systems.
Watch it in action.
“Urgentext is a great solution to one of our challenges – keeping hundreds of volunteers connected to our statewide network of peer facilitators and volunteers helping Veterans. They’ve been very flexible to work with and we are looking forward to the expanded utility of the system as we go on.”

- Perry Jefferies, TexVet
"I consider your product a great fit for our Medical Reserve Corps, and a simple emergency front-end notification system for our HAN, PHIN and other web based information systems. Our criteria for selecting this system included ease of use, sustainability, report generation and acceptability with end-users"

- Chip Riggins MD, MPH, Executive Director WCCHD
“UrgenText allows us to accurately and easily track our communication history with volunteers and staff—we can instantly create a report that illustrates a timeline of how, when and with whom we communicated important response information. This is a vital tool for us.”

- Matt Richardson, DrPH, Director of Public Health, City of Amarillo
"Texas Health Institute identified communications as a critical issue in the first hospital Preparedness Guide in the nation, a project funded by the US Health Resource Services Administration. We then collaborated with the urgentext team to help release a unique system that greatly enhances two way critical communication."

- Camille D. Miller, President/CEO, Texas Health Institute